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for american action and what would the action be? >> that's a great point. what we do know from all reports is that there's been a lot of planning going on, in case there is chemical weapons activity in syria, as the assad regime feels more and more pressure from the option. what that would be i don't know. i mean if you just are talking chemical weapons, you can go after delivery vehicles aircraft artillery. you could go after stockpiles. but then there's the danger of course, of releasing chemical weapons into the atmosphere which could harm people as well. you have to be very careful. perhaps boots on the ground. at this point i think that's a long way off. i don't think -- it would take a lot of boots on the ground, i believe. and i don't think that's one of the options that anybody is considering at this point. >> if there is action would it be alone by the united states or with allies? >> ideally, it would be with allies. when you get down to it who has the capability to do the sorts of things that would need to be done? you would hope it would be with allies. with
here but i think a lot of people were surprised at how strong that call for action and change was. >> he said -- he vowed to use whatever power this office holds to stop these types of massacres. >> keep in mind, he did not talk about the gun control issue at all on the campaign trail or after tucson or after aurora. he did yesterday. >> jeff glor thank you. >>> officials released the names of the victims over the weekend, and now family members and friends are telling their stories. jim axelrod is here in newtown with a closer look at some of those victims. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the grief comes in overwhelming ways here in newtown, norah. putting names and faces to numbers of victims produces an almost crippling sadness. >> one, two, three, ready, and go. ♪ come now almighty king ♪ >> reporter: simply put, 6-year-old ana marquez-greene had the voice of an angel. she didn't miss a beat as she sang alongside her brother in this home video. in a statement on facebook her father jazz musician jimmy greene wrote as much as she's needed he
to install them. the board did not single out vimgs for disciplinary action. instead it praised the responders including two former s.e.a.l.s who died in the assault and the diplomatic security agents for their courage in the, quote, near impossible situation. the pentagon was absolved of any blame for their deaths, saying, quote, the interagency response was timely and appropriate, but there simply was not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. the review also submitted 29 recommendations on how to improve security at diplomatic posts. including hiring more security and personnel who speak arabic. in a letter to congress secretary clinton says she accepts every single one of the recommendations made. she already is sending hundreds of marine guards to bolster posts and asks congress to provide more funding. >> margaret brennan, thanks. >>> also in washington is cbs news political director john dickerson. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. >> what are the ramifications of this report? >> well, the political ramifications, in a sense
weapons. ta she said the u.s. is planning to take action if there is credible evidence of a threat. she did not say whether there that woinformation that would suggest an attack is imminent. theire reiterated, chemical heapons are a red line for the ed statstates. >> i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do hatthe event of credible evidence that the assad regime hemicalorted to using chemical weapons against their own people. >> reporter: the international community has failed to peop intervene in the conflict that as killed nearly 38,000 syrians since the uprising began. e are ds this morning," margaret brennan, prague. >>> in japan this morning at least nine people are dead after it's unclof a highway tunnel collapsed. it's unclear why those massive concrete slabs broke away from the tunnel walls on sunday. smoke an lucy craft reports smoke and wi dust are interfering with rescue operations at that tunnel about 0 mimles west of tokyo. >> reporter: surveillance grimas inside the tunnel relayed the grim conditions inside. eteestimated 270 concrete toning panels, weig
final action on the bill today. governor rick snyder pledged to sign the legislation. back to you. >> elaine quijano thank you. >>> the president was in michigan to rally support for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff and with just 21 days left until the deadline, a new gallup poll shows most americans want congress to compromise on spending and tax cuts. 70% say republicans and democratic leaders should make a deal now, up eight points since last week. major garrett is at the white house covering the fiscal talks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and good morning to our viewers out west. one thing has been agreed upon in the fiscal cliff talks, not to discuss the details. many look at this bipartisan silence and see an encouraging sign but white house and congressional sources tell me that while the atmosphere around these talks is positive between the president and speaker john boehner, when it gets to the underlying details, progress is maddeningly slow. president obama telephoned senate majority leader harry reid monday while rob nabors huddled for a second day in a row
action is required. when asked whether secretary clinton is still able to work her spokesperson replied the secretary of state is the secretary of state. >> margaret brennan, thank you. medical correspondent dr. jon lapook is here. he is affiliated with new york presbyterian hospital where secretary clinton is being treated, but you are not involved in her treatment. >> that's right. >> john, thank you so much. let me ask you, how serious do you think this is they're keeping the secretary in the hospital for at least 48 hours? >> well, that depends on the answers to a lot of questions that we don't know. i am affiliated with columbia. i haven't spoken to any of the doctors who are taking care of the secretary. but here are some of the things that are running through my head. it's unusual for somebody who's had a blow to the head to get blood thinners. the reason is when somebody falls and hits their head you're worried about bleeding into the skull, into the brain, like natasha richardson had. so the last thing you would want to do is thin their blood. so t
to meaningful action, and is meaningful action a ban on assault weapons and more? >> yes. yes to all of those, but to break it down, there is no doubt i think right now, all of us, all of us are citizens and residents of newtown, connecticut. that's number one. i think there's a genuine outpouring in the country for action that this type of event is -- you know, the tectonic shift in attitudes, that's number one. you have to have when reauthorization of the assault weapon ban, when i worked for president clinton we fought to get it to pass the house by one vote. i remember there was an attempt to pull it out of the crime bill. we kept it in and finally got it done. it was bipartisan when it passed. second, you have to deal with the clips and the straw purchases, which is how guns bled into urban and other areas vie at brady bill that deals with stores and at regular kind of merchants. almost 40% to 50% of the guns are guns through store purchases. and you must cover and deal with that kind of -- where guns seep into the rest of society. so in that comprehensive faction. everything in my view,
is surprise, speed, and violence of action. you get in there before they know you're coming. you're through the door before they know what's going on. flash bang grenades, things like that, and rarely in these things can you get in and out without casualties? usually the casualties are not on our side. >> i suspect we'll see more of these kinds of things as we move away from the kinds of battles that we've seen before because the head of special operations had said to me, talking about the obama -- the osama bin laden raid -- we do these kinds of things every night. >> that's right. when you look at the numbers, they'd done hundreds of those. they did a number of operations the night of the bin laden raid. they have these things down. there's no such thing as no risk. when you lose an operator, it's a reminder that even the best of the best of the best, you're going into a place where people are shooting at you. >>> the upper midwest is digging out from the first major snowstorm in the season. now it is heading east. holly wagner from our station wcco is in minneapolis. holly? >> reporter:
is urging action asking baristas in his washington, d.c., cafes to write the word "come together" on the cups. >> a new york newspaper facing backlash after it published the names and addresses of local gun owners. >>> a busy shanghai shopping center a shark tank exploded. >>> the windy city of chicago will sport america's most expensive parking meters. >> what do you think about that? >> too much. >> all that -- >> smith catches, shoots puts it up, puts it in at the buzzer! j.r. smith with another game winner! >>> what is your favorite app? >> scrabble. >> sometimes i want to yank that out of your hands. >> and all that matters. >> an endangered thin backed whale watched up on the breezy point section of queens. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i know he's smiling but that medal hanging around his neck there's a 40% chance he'll hang himself with it. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm jeff glor with rebecca jarvis. huge winter storm is making its final stop in the northeast, after causing damage and travel problems coast to coast. >>
morning. >> will this lead to meaningful a action, a ban on assault weapons and more? >> >> yes to all of those but to break it down there is no doubt i think right now all of us allll of us are citizens and residents of newtown, connecticut, and so n, that's number one. i think there's a genuine outpouri outpouring in the country for action t action, this type of event, this is the tectonic shift in at futures, that's number one. to have you have to have reauthorization of the assault weapon ban when i worked for president clinton we e fought fought to get passed t passed the house by one vote it was an attempt to pull it out of the and crime bill we got it done it was bipartisan when it passed.. second you have to deal with the clips and third, you also have l with to deal with the straw purchases, how guns flood into urban and other areas because urb the brady bill that does deals at stores and regular kind of st merchants almost 40% to 50% of the guns are done but straw purchases. you must deal with where guns seek into society. everything that deals in my view cha
that russia is finally willing to take u.n. action to send a message to bashar al assad to stop the killing. one of april saud's few remaining allies and so faro posed action to intervene the crisis that killed nearly 40,000 people. >> margaret, charlie rose here. has the report that david martin has, the story that david martin has reported that they're mixing the ingredients of chemical weapons influenced what the russians may be doing? >> reporter: well, the russian foreign minister said that the assad government assures them that the reports that syria is readying chemical weapons are rumors. adamant among today's meeting, charlie, a signal russia wants to be a part of what comes next. if clinton can get them to support at the security council, they could roll out tough sanctions cutting syria off from any remains support. >> where does the violence stand? >> reporter: well, charlie, we're told that rebels surround the city of damascus which has been an assad stronghold. secretary of state hillary clinton says that bash ar al assad assad-o could use chemical weaps to hold on to power an
minister. it may signal that russia is finally willing to take u.n. action to send a message to bashar al assad to stop the killing. russia one of syria's few remaining allies and so far have agreed to any interactions to stop the killing of thousands of people. >> charlie rose here. the reporting that they're mixing the ingredients for chemical weapons influence what the russians may be doing? >> reporter: the russian foreign minister says that the outside russian government -- syrian government assures them that they are rumors. russia wants to be part of what comes next. if clinton can get russia to support at the u.n. security council, they could have sanctions that would cut seary off from any outside support. >> where does the violence stand? >> reporter: charlie we're told that rebels surround the city of damascus which has been an as assad stronghold. bashar al assad is increasingly threatened and could use chemical weapons to hold on to power. she told cbs news that the russians are refusing to give assad asylum. cbs has also learned that the u.s. tends
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with those cuts might force some action. that's going to be necessary. the stalemate right now is genuine. president obama wants republicans to commit publicly to raising income tax rates on the top 2% of households. republicans want the president to commit to spending cuts. then they'll talk about raising taxes next year in the context of tax reform but neither side trusts each other's motives or willingness to cut a deal. that lack of trust as well as a lack of shared history of cutting deals is what's blocking progress and preventing a compromise. charlie and gayle. >>> major garrett, thanks. >>> this morning in london the coroner's office entered the prognosis of the nurse who was part of the prank. >> charlie daggett is outside of the coroner's court. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, gayle. british police confirmed this morning that the bodies of jacintha saldanha was found hanging from a scarf. the mother of two was discovered by a colleague and a security guard early friday morning. police said they also discovered injuries to her wrists although at thi
condition including other issues associated with her concussion and will determine if any further action is required. and when asked if secretary clinton is still able to work her spokesperson reply thad the secretary of state is the secretary of state. >> margaret brennan. thank you. medical correspondent jon lapook is here. he's affiliated with the presbyterian hospital where secretary clinton is being treated but you're not involved with her treatment. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. let me ask you. how serious is this that they're keeping the secretary in the hospital for at least 48 hours. >> that depends on a lot of questions we don't know. i am familiar with columbia. i haven't spoken with any of the doctors who are taking care of the secretary. but here are some things that are running through my head. it's unusual that somebody would get blood thinners after they've had a blow to their head. the last thing you would want to do is thin their blood. so trying to figure out what could have happened here. she had some sort of concussion two to three weeks ago. she fell, she h
of action. not surprisingly, the white house and congress remain far from any deal to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >> with just 27 days to go, republicans are not talking with the obama administration and the president is only talking on tv. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. yesterday at the white house there were vague references to conversations about the the fiscal cliff with congress iion republicans. i can confirm this morning through my sources here at the white house and on capitol hill that there were no substantive conversations or negotiations yesterday at all. no formal e-mails, to conversations, nothing. house speaker boehner's countdown led to the lighting of the capitol hill christmas tree last night. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: but washington is counting down this month to the dark unknown of the fiscal cliff. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: on his first view sbr interview on the fiscal cliff, he rejected john boehner's proposal. >> unfortunately the speaker's proposal is out of balanc
action to the idea that once the regime falls -- and it is going to fall. once the regime falls, then the people responsible would be held accountable in the proper jurisdiction. >> are you suggesting that the president should make clear what the consequences are rather than just simply saying there will be consequences? >> well, i don't know whether you do that publicly now or not. but i think it wouldn't be at all bad for the syrians to understand what the extent of the consequences are. i mean, it's fine to threaten undefined consequences, but it might be more meaningful to the syrians if they knew specifically what the consequences were. i happen to be one who doesn't think we ought to be involved militarily in that country. i think the american people are tired of military involvement in that part of the world. our forces are stretched pretty thin. we don't have the money. we're broke. we're a broke country. and so anything we can do politically, diplomatically and economically, we should do, to pbring about a regime change there. we ought to be quite weary and leery, i thi
for ways to tighten gun control laws. >> this time the words need to lead to action. >>> a daring prison escape in downtown chicago. two inmates escaped a high-rise prison with a rope made of bedsheets. >>> bullet proof backpacks cost up to $300. >> very entertaining. >> somewhere clark griswold is going, perfection." >> this is a ridge of high pressure. i just popped a button. >>> miss universe 2012 is -- usa! >>> and all that matters. >> some who have made that list yours truly, that ought to tell you something right there regarding the credence that we should give "time" magazine. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i was named man of the year by "waste of time" magazine. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." there are now 12 days to the fiscal cliff deadline and there is no deal between the white house and congressional republicans. >> in fact the speaker of the house is pushing for a vote on his own plan b today that has president obama fired up. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and nor
save one life. we have to take action. >> the national rifle association which has said nothing in the weeks since the shootings are speaking out today. but in its daily online news release thursday, it showed no change in its long-held position that loosening rather than tightening gun restrictions would make the street safer. >> many of these mass killers, they pick their targets for a reason. whether it was that school, whether it was a theater in aurora because they know nobody's going to be there to stop them. they're gun-free zones. >> reporter: attitudes about gun control have shifted modestly in the weeks since the newtown tragedy. 49% of americans now say it's more important to control gun ownership. 42% say it's more important to protect the rights of gun owners. a change since the movie theater shooting in colorado this summer. that could put the national rifle association on the defensive. >> they need to get in front of it fast. >> reporter: phillip stutts is a crisis management specialist. >> they don't need to go against their principles.
's on discipline. and when people don't meet the standard of the nfl, we're going to take action. there are consequences for that. >> what do you worry about the most? >> i worry about player health and safety. that's the number one challenge and focus. we want to keep our athletes safe and also athletes not just football or in the nfl, but every level. and efvery other sport. >> television coverage makes it attractive to watch at home rather than the stadium. is it a problem for the owners? >> it's a challenge for us. watching it in high-definition super slow-mo is a great experience. that's gotting to change. our challenge is how do we make sure that that same kind of experience happens in the stadium, so we're bringing technology into the stadium. we're working harder to making sure that the fans feel safe. they have to have a great experience. >> you wrote a famous letter which i have talked to you about before. written to your father. and you said two thing, i want to make you proud of me and secondly, i want to be the commissioner of the nfl. you have
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)